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Google Authorship Not Working? The Problem Is Your Face

Update: Since this post was published, Google has stopped showing authorship images in search (Late August, 2014)

Google Authorship not working in search results? You do a quick search for posts you thought were verified but don’t see a photo? Well the problem is probably a simple one. If your site is verified properly then the problem likely lies with your Google Plus photo you’re using.
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How To Turn On Airplay Mirroring On iPhone 4S & iPhone 5

Update: This guide still applies to enable Airplay Mirroring on your iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPad 4th generation.

The iPhone 4S was released yesterday in a bunch of markets around the world and one of the few new features in phone over previous models was the inclusion of Airplay Mirroring. I got my new iPhone today and actually used this new feature as an excuse to pick up a new AppleTV 2 which I’ve been wanting for awhile.
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