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How To Turn On Airplay Mirroring On iPhone 4S & iPhone 5

Update: This guide still applies to enable Airplay Mirroring on your iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPad 4th generation.

The iPhone 4S was released yesterday in a bunch of markets around the world and one of the few new features in phone over previous models was the inclusion of Airplay Mirroring. I got my new iPhone today and actually used this new feature as an excuse to pick up a new AppleTV 2 which I’ve been wanting for awhile.

The problem that I ran into when I first set things up was actually figuring out how to turn on mirroring. It’s not in the settings pane as most would assume, there seems to be no mention of Airplay in there at all. The feature is actually ‘hidden’ just a double-tap and a couple swipes away from the home screen.

How to turn on Airplay Mirroring

Double tap the home button to get the application dock:

iPhone 4S (iOS 5/6) Application Dock

Double tap the home button to view the application dock.

Swipe the applications dock to the right, revealing the screen lock/music control buttons:

iPhone 4S (iOS 5/6) Dock Music Control Buttons

Swipe to the right while viewing the dock to see the music control buttons.

Swipe one more time to the right and you will reveal a new tab with volume control and the Airplay button:

iPhone 4S (iOS 5/6) Dock Airplay Button + Volume Control

Swipe right again to see the Airplay button on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 5 or iOS 6

Tap the button and you get the Airplay control screen below:

iPhone 4S (iOS 5/6) Airplay Mirroring Panel

Tap the Airplay button in the dock to view the AirPlay Section and Toggle the ‘mirroring’ function on and off.

Select your Apple TV and that’s it. Enjoy mirroring Angry Birds onto your 56″ HDTV.