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Cheap Dedicated Servers from Delimiter.com + Reviews

In late January I started in my new position as Sales Manager with Delimiter. Delimiter is primarily a dedicated server provider, operating out of our parent company’s datacenters across the US.

I’ve been a Delimiter customer since 2014 and have happily recommended the services to dozens of friends over the last year or so. It was an obvious decision to take on the position when the opportunity presented itself.

Delimiter stands out compared to others in the industry primarily because of the quality to price balance. Delimiter’s focus is cheap servers – primarily dedicated servers, but we also have cloud VPS plans, object storage and other fun stuff. The balance is between our enterprise hardware combined with a premium network, starting at $20/month (if you pay quarterly, otherwise $30/month).

Most providers push budget (read: consumer, old) hardware with a budget network. We have the ability to sell a quality server with a quality network so cheap because of the scale at which we deploy this hardware, the age of the hardware we use (enterprise gear that has paid for itself already) and the fact that we own the facility we operate in (we’re not reselling someone, who’s reselling someone else – taking a cut all down the line).

Delimiter’s job is to efficiently make money off of unused datacenter space, selling $20/month servers next to servers that are being billed out at $200+/month.

If you’re interested in cheap unmanaged servers, check us out. Got a question? Hit me up at sales [at] delimiter.com.

Delimiter Reviews from around the web (updated April 17, 2016):


Google Authorship Not Working? The Problem Is Your Face

Update: Since this post was published, Google has stopped showing authorship images in search (Late August, 2014)

Google Authorship not working in search results? You do a quick search for posts you thought were verified but don’t see a photo? Well the problem is probably a simple one. If your site is verified properly then the problem likely lies with your Google Plus photo you’re using.

I had verified my personal site when authorship was first introduced, but never really cared that it didn’t seem to work for me. I went through whole the verification process but shrugged it off when it never showed up in search results. I recently switched up my site’s design and made a few other changes so I thought I’d revisit it and try to get it working.
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Airplay Mirroring Toggle on iPhone

Update: This guide still applies to enable Airplay Mirroring on your iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPad 4th generation.
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